About us

About us

Humatch suggests an answer adapted to the related management expectation of the human resources and promotes the commitment and the productivity of the personal which is essential for a firm’s success.

Humatch makes available as well HR solutions adapted to all kind of firms, regardless of their size and categories.

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Lionel Clemenson, based on the in-depth experiences acquired as an executive officer, created Humatch in order to guide companies and firms into the digital transformation of the Human Resources. He created multiple management, skills and recruitment application, which already demonstrated their efficiency within numerous groups.

Humatch’s attractive features
  • An easy and adapted interface to the managers and to the HR services.
  • An assistance towards the team during the establishment of the tool in order to ease its integrating, as well as an assistance and training courses available.
  • A firm’s productivity maximised thanks to an adapted management of the HR process.
  • A customizable solution in order to promote the employer’s label via a graphic chart.

What charactizes Humatch
Solution devoted to recruitment

because the mankind is central for the success of a firm, Humatch allows the attraction of the most adapted profiles through a professional and automated process.

An employer’s label by the talent’s retention and enhancement.

Humatch is guiding the firms in order to maximise their associate’s expertise via a career monitoring and the identification of their formation’s needs.

The developing future needs of expertise are therefore anticipated from the perspective of gaining an expertise and to highlight talents.

Asking for a demonstration?

We will contact you quickly for a demonstration of the application according to your needs.

Contact us: contact@humatch.uk