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How to find a job for a season in a ski resorts or by the sea?

Find a job in a ski resorts or by the sea requires a real engagement. There is a minimum set of steps you need to follow so that you can stack the odds in your favor. Find out in this post how you can find a seasonal job in a ski resort.

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How the Coronavirus Pandemic Impacts Security?

The coronavirus pandemic has considerably changed the habits of people involved in the professional world. As a result, a number of measures have been put in place to deal with the pandemic and ensure the safety of people at risk, especially employees in businesses. Find out in this article all the details regarding the impact of Covid-19 on security in companies.

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HRIS: the factors to consider when making a choice

Are you looking for a HR software to facilitate the management of your activities? Find in this article some relevant factors to make the right choice.

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Employee replacement: which software to use?

The replacement of an employee may be a difficult task Fortunately, there are some softwares especially designed to help HR Managers resolve such a situation.

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Containment and The Digitialzation of the HR Function: what you should know?

Due to the current pandemic, many organizations have changed the way they work. Today, most employees work from home using the tools of digitalization. Find out more in this article.

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Talent loss: what you need to know

Finding and retaining talent is one of the big challenges for every business since the future and the success depend on it. In this post, you will find out some relevant tips to stop turnover and talent loss.

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