Expertise Management Software

Our solutions have been designed in order to adapt to and meet the specific needs of firms. In order to match with your structure, design an evalution process for the performance and the experience.

logiciel de fidélisation : intégration et suivi


Thanks to the easy estimation’s creation of documents, the Humatch software is improving the employee’s commitment and makes the estimation’s process friendly and clear. We provide the best tools for you with:

  • An accurate and specific estimation of the performance
  • Improve the global productivity of the firm.
  • A better HR experience for the employees.
  • Promote the commitment of employees.

A successful integration in order to motivate your future employees:
First impressions matter. Reduce your waste of time within the process Onboarding of the new employees thanks to our fast and modern integration tools.

Management of job description:
Concerning your method of development, management and storage of employment’s description, Humatch provides an optimal structure. Precise clearly your expectations to your employees by creating a comprehensible job description including an overview of the employment , the main skills required and an appendix with the skills related to the employment.

Management of annual interviews
Humatch’s approach concerning the management of annual interviews allows the manager to implement with ease a complete management system of the employee’s performance. Humatch’s process ensures that the employees are involved and productive, thanks to a clear and efficient estimation process.

  • Plan and automate the notifications’ email thanks to a fast and efficient process, in compliance with the legislation. Monitor in real time the estimation’s statistics and follow your personnel’s progression.
  • Prepare the annual interviews according to an entirely customisable frame. The several available features are helping the human resources to estimate with accuracy the employee’s performance. The set-up of a validation process hastened the whole process making the decision easier to make.

Most employees fear their annual estimation. Offer your employees a better evaluation experience.

Management of expertise
Evaluate your employees according to the job description including the key expertise and appendix. You also have the possibility to create evaluation models, that you can customise with an option allowing the addition of new competences for an employee. Guide the training nd the recommendations according to the evaluation’s results.

Training and Experiences of Employees’ History/ Record :
Monitor in real time the formations and experiences of employee’s history/ record. Humatch provides as a solution a dashboard summing up the entirety of the formations achieved. With the Humatch management system, you will acknowledge more about your team. Identify the potential of each employee’s talent, and plan a strategy for employee retention and development.
Preview your employee’s evolution thanks to the chain of events. With one click, have access to the whole life of an employee within the firm.

Guiding HR : obtain relevant statistics concerning the decision-making.

Don’t leave any untapped talent.
The solution allows the preview of all the expertise and skills of the firm, and is maximasing the decision-making concerning the training or the evolution of an employee. Mapping the sensitive posting, and define the skills required in order to succeed.

Explore the quantitative data concerning the headcount and the profiles of the employees. Analyse the current trends and the present and future needs for your firm. Thanks to an easy and powerful interface, visualise all strategic information :

  • The creation of a Competence matrix
  • Real time Monitoring formations
  • Guiding the careers and the evolutions allowing an efficient and strategical decision-making.

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