Creating collaborator's loyalty and recruitment software.

Solutions dedicated to recruitments.

Because humanity is at he centre of your success.

We know that finding the best talents is fundamental for the success of your firm. We are helping you to attract good profiles through a professional and automated process.

Our solution includes the establishment of standard advertisement and mass mailing software on your website and on the job website of your choice. Inudated with application? We created a management system responding to the job advertisement, markedly reducing the response time. No applicants will be forgotten. Our system of automated responses contributes to a more productivie HR department and the improvement of your employer’s brand. You have evolving needs? Every application and every CV is saved in an internal database that you can consult according to your needs.

Improve your employer’s brand and retain the best talents.

Make your employees the ambassadors of your brand. Follow up the training from the internal and external platform.

Identify future needs and then take strategic decisions.
View the progress of your employee’s career thanks to a sequence of events of your employee within your firm.
Implement a clear and transparent process with the assistance of our solution concerning the administration of annual and professional interviews.
Track all the available skills within your firms and identify the key ranks and future needs.

The fundamental focal point of every solution.

At Humatch, we fulfil your expectations concerning the management of human resources. After all, a committed and productive personnel is necessary for the success of your firm. We provide HR solutions for firms of all sizes and of variying constitution.

Simple and Intuitive
A better HR experience for the employees.
Promote the commitment of employees.
Fast and modern integration tools
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