Simplify your recruitments : permanent contract, fixed-term contract, freelance

Humatch offers the best recruitment experience for the applicants, the managers and HR teams, thanks to an efficient and fast process concerning replacement, permanent contract and freelances.

logiciel de gestion des recrutements

Attract and recruit the good profiles.
Don’t waste your time drafting your advertisements. The solution permits the creation of standardised advertisement templates for the range of services. Choose the best advertisement sites and automate the mass mailing software on different advertising websites.

Create an intern CV database and classify the candidates according to the category of employment.
Quickly find the ideal profile with the help of an integrated powerful search engine.
Accelerate the monitoring of applications.
Humatch’s solution helps you manage the amount of applicants coming from different websites.

  • Develop an email template and set up an automatic email response to each applicant.
  • Preview all the interviews of the selected candidates.
  • Identify the best profiles with the aid of a qualification process comparing the expertise documented by the applicant and that required for the position.
  • Quickly and efficiently welcome the accepted applicants thanks to an optimised intern validation process.

Reduce the vacancies and develop the task offers according to your accurate needs: :

All available and adapted profiles for a position are now easy to access thanks to the potential applicants database. You have the possibility to create teams matching with the institutions, inter-instructions, typical mission, position…

Use typical missions::
Do not waste more time trying to develop the tasks’ propositions. Regardless of the service, the pre-established models will help you gain time and insure the similarity of advertisement.

Publish directly from the platform without having to switch the website. You can contact the applicants directly from your internal database or from one of your team.

Publish your mission’s offer on your website and on Humatch::
The profile is unavailable? Extent the search and publish directly a replacement mission offer on your website (we supply an api in order to recover your advertisements ) on our website (available functionality january 2020) >

Gain Time ::
Directly contact the applications with the help of modern and convivial applications : emails, push notifications on phone applications, Messenger, Whatsapp and Telegram.
Start a conversation with the interested applicants with the more appropriate communication method : Internal Humatch messaging. Have access to all the discussion on the simple and intuitive interface of the platform.

Generate working contracts:
Forget about the forms, configure your contracts or use our models of contracts and reach quickly to the selected candidats a work offer. There is nothing to print! Send the working contracts to new employees via email or use the electronic signature **

*In order to be compliant with the GDPD, the institution’s specific elements of the work contract and DPEA (like social security number) are requested once the working contract is established.
** In order to be congruent with the Europeans regulation, a third party service “recognized” is used.

Statistics are implemented according to your needs.

The truly intelligent human resources are putting the data analysis in the service of the creation and the performance within the firm.

We provide an integrated solution making relevant statistics available for you, allowing you to show all your personnel’s potential and reaching your strategical goals.

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