How to choose an employee replacement software

replacement sofware

A company is like a well-oiled machine, with several parts and components pulling in the same direction. However, due to circumstances foreseen or unforeseen, employees may be unavailable for action, for the short term. It may be planned, as in vacations, leaves and trainings, or unplanned due to illness.

How is it possible to fill their positions effectively so that the company brand and productivity cannot not take a hit, especially when you do not want to face the hassles associated with initiating a rigorous recruitment process?

The use of HR softawre

The easiest way to provide short term cover for temporarily absent employees is to delegate the task to HR softwares. HR softwares are cloud-based solutions that can assist you with workforce related tasks including recruitment, saving you time, effort and expenses.

Due to the sheer number of these available softwares, picking the right one for your needs can be a herculean task. Before you decide on which one to use, there are some factors you need to take into consideration.

Factors to consider when choosing employee softwares

Here are some factors to take into account wen choosi,g a softawre:

Only Open To Employees

A solid argument can be made for filling vacant positions in your company with employees currently in your employ. Their knowledge of company standards, coupled with the fact that they do not need any adjustment period make them invaluable assets. They can swing into action immediately, ensuring that there's no lull in operations. The benefits of this approach are immediate: the employee can pick up vital experience, not to mention an extra paycheck, and your payroll is optimised.

If you're looking for an employee replacement software that prioritizes the redeployment of current employees, there are a lot of HR softwares that offer that particular service. like Andjaro.

Andjaro is a platform that specializes in one-off redeployment of in-house staff. This platform prefers filling available positions with workers employed and trained by your organization. Their approach is grounded on the belief that company standards do not have to slip when employing temporary staff, and the best way to do this is by making use of proven competence available to you. The long term ripple effect of this approach is that you'll have workers willing to volunteer for more work if it becomes available.

However, the success of this approach is based on the premise that your company has enough personnel currently in your employ to fill in these positions. It would be counterproductive to leave a section of the organization undermanned just to replace a vital cog in another section for the short term.

Open To Everybody

Another approach to filling vacant positions in your organization for the short term is to throw it open to the public. This is a labour and resources intensive endeavour, but this approach can ensure that you get the best qualified candidate for the job. You can even unearth a hidden gem in the process.

If your organization has the means to afford them, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) can effectively manage your recruitment operations for you, from top to bottom. ATS or recruiting softwares, are cloud or web-based services that typically contain a database of candidates, and where recruiters can interact with potential employees.

These recruitment softwares are entrusted will the entire recruitment process, and can assist with sourcing job candidates, collecting and managing resumes of qualified prospects, interactions with candidates, and candidate relationship management. Some platforms offer additional services such as integrated background checks on candidates, verification of experience and education levels, and candidate screening.

There is a wide range of employee replacement software that look to fill short term positions externally. You should be careful when choosing one to make use of, as they offer different value propositions. Some of the best recruitment softwares are: LinkedIn Talent Hub, Jobvite, Jazz HR, Greenhouse and JobDiva.


Recruitment, either short term or long term is essential for the sustenance and growth of any organization. But often, it is a very expensive process which can put a huge strain on any company, especially those seeking the best talent. Smaller businesses can find it particularly difficult to cope. Recruitment softwares do not offer too much wriggle room either; some of them are pretty expensive. Depending on the quality of offered services, they can cost upwards of a few hundred thousand dollars per year.

Fortunately, there are open source recruitment softwares that can greatly assist small businesses with recruitment.

Zoho recruit is one of the most easily identifiable names when the conversation is about recruitment softwares that do not require a fee. They pride themselves as a cloud-based, all in one recruitment platform. Although they have a standard, paid plan, their free plan is also perfectly serviceable. Other softwares such as MightyRecruiter and SmartStart can also help you locate the perfect stopgap at minimal cost.

Nevertheless, you should take into account that these free softwares offer a somewhat watered down service, so you should only use them if you're looking to fill a position that does not require a high level of technical knowledge. For the best results, you may have to make use of paid versions.

Platforms: Mobile App or Desktop Only

Another factor to consider before settling on an employee replacement software is the online platform they run on. Websites are the traditional options; they infuse a feeling of legitimacy and authenticity to the software. However, mobile apps have a crucial advantage: they work well on smartphones, offer a service that can be tailored to your needs, and can be easily accessed. More and more mobile apps are being seen as the more progressive options.

The choice rests solely on you, after you have factored in the unique needs of your organization. The smart option would be to plump for a software that offers services on both platforms. WorkforceNow and Bitrix24 are good examples. They offer a solid presence on both web and mobile app platforms.

In conclusion, recruitment is very essential for the continued existence and development of any organization, but it is also one of the most tedious aspects. Going through the whole process for a short term fix can be very daunting and dispiriting but fortunately, with employee replacement softwares, it doesn't have to be. All it requires is a little application and due diligence.

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