How to choose an HRIS ?

how to choose hris

Are you searching for the right software for your HR activities?

Choosing the right HR software helps in achieving ease and simplicity in HR activities. Through HRIS, your business will be able to achieve speed in HR activities, accounting, management, payroll, among others. It would help in budgeting and making better decisions. It is safe to say that HRIS would yield high productivity. There are a lot of things to consider in choosing an HRIS, such as the cost, functionalities, implementation, and data recovery.


Cost is an important factor in choosing the right HRIS for your company or business. Before you choose an HRIS, you need to have a budget of what you are willing to spend on the purchase. The cost of an HRIS could be monthly, yearly, or a one-off purchase. Consider your budget and your preferred method of purchase. The cost of HRIS is not only in the purchase but also in the training. If your desired HR software is complicated or difficult to understand, you will have to hire help. Hiring help for training would cost you both money and time. Before purchasing any software, do a little research to be sure, the cost will be worth it. In cases where a preferred software is too expensive for a one-off purchase or annual purchase, opt-in for the monthly option. Your budget for the cost of an HR software should that of an investment. Evaluate the pros and cons of the software to ensure that the cost is worth it.


It is important to consider the functionalities of an HRIS before purchase. Some software focuses on only a few HR activities and functions. Others are rich in diversity. In selecting the right HRIS, you need to consider the functions and things you want to achieve with the software. HRIS can take care of your accounting, payroll, taxes, planning, inventory update, staff demographic data, scheduling, and lots more. However, if you already have a working system in place to take care of your accounting, you may not need an HRIS for that purpose. Knowing the functions you desire, and the things you want to achieve will help you with your choice of HRIS.

A good HRIS is designed to make your HR activities easier. If an HR software gives you more stress in navigations and imputations, it is probably not the right software. Your HR software should have an intuitive user interface to enable easy navigation and high productivity. An intuitive user interface is an important function your HR software should have.


Implementation of an HRIS software could be both costly and time-consuming. Moving your files and data from ink and paper to the software could be stressful and time-consuming. For certain HR System companies, they help and guide you through the whole process. However, other companies provide only the software for you while you take care of the implementation by yourself.

Your company will keep growing, and the need to train every staff on certain aspects of the HRIS software will arise increasingly. Both current and new staff would have to be trained. Your HRIS Software could schedule and track the record of your employee's progress and pace in the training. The training materials could also be stored on the system to help in educating new staff. However, not every HRIS has this training package. It is imperative to understand the implementation plan for your HIRS before purchase.

An HR software that has the right functions to aid your HR activities, but obstructs the flow of your internal system is not worth it. Look for a flexible HR software that has a custom integration feature to have good working experience.

Data Recovery and Analytics

During the onboarding process of moving from one software to another, there is a possibility of data loss. In selecting the right HRIS for your organization, you need to ensure its simplicity in moving data. Big data has been known to be quite overwhelming for HR professionals. The data on-boarding process should be looked at critically before the purchase of an HR software.

Moving your company’s data to an HR system also has its disadvantage. There is a possibility of data hacking or a breach in company data. All your information and important data would be stored in the cloud. Hacker could easily have access to your companies data if your HRIS does not have strong security and data recovery system. Read up reviews to ensure your intended HR software would keep your data safe and secure.
Your HRIS should not only help in your HR activities but also in reports and evaluations. A good HR software should also have advanced reporting tools to help HR professionals in managing employees' data and creating a better working environment. It will help them in knowing the growth and production rate of every employee.

Customer Service

In addition to an easy and intuitive user interface, your HR software should have a competent customer service. It is important to easily be able to reach your HR software company when issues arise. The best HR software comes with great customer service to help you in implementation, training, understanding the software, and other needs.
If you are faced with dealing with simple technical issues yourself, you may end up making the problem complex. The need for expert assistance is important from the point of purchase to the continuous use of the software. Before purchasing an HR software, ensure that the customer service team of your HR software vendor is competitive and reliable to help in user issues and navigations. The right HR software would have a good customer service, who would be ever ready to guide and help you in the use of the software

Try not to rush in selecting your HR software. Take your time to ensure it can take care of your needs. Picking the wrong software could make your company lose time, money, and even your data. So before you choose your HR software, consider you’re cost, functionalities, data recovery and analytics, and customer service. Make the right investment in HR software.

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